Lafayette Central Park Seeks Approval from City Council

Lafayette Central Park, Inc. (LCP) is making one last push to gather feedback and continued support for the park at the Horse Farm. Residents are being reminded that they still have time to “Share Their Vision” of the park. They are also being encouraged to reach out to their Council Members, asking for them to vote “YES” to the park resolution that will be presented at the City Council Meeting next Tuesday, December 17th! LCP conducted fourteen public workshops and three online surveys to gather input from the community about what they would like to be able to see and do in the park at the Horse Farm! After collecting over 5,000 opinions over three months, there is still one last opportunity for citizens to share their vision for what will continue to be a jewel in Lafayette’s landscape – the park at the Horse Farm!The list of programming items that were deemed most important from the residents of Lafayette that participated in the workshops and online surveys were as follows (in no particular order of importance):
1. Restrooms
2. Farmers’ & Artisans’ Market
3. Biking, Walking, Running Trails
4. Gardens
5. Natural Areas / Animal Habitat
6. Parking
7. Picnic Areas
8. Naturalized Waterway / Lake / Pond
9. Internal Transportation
10. Educational Programs
11. Music / Small Amphitheater / Bandshell
12. Contemplative / Memorial Spaces
13. Children’s Play Areas
14. Great Lawn
15. Food Trucks, Carts, Kiosks
16. Arboretum / Orchard / Forest
17. Dog Park
18. Fitness Area
19. Administrative Building / Maintenance Facilities
20. Festivals / Special Events
21. Cafe / Restaurant
22. Informal Field Sports
23. Splash Pad / Interactive Water Feature
24. Small Games / Table Games
25. Equipment Rental/Storage Facilities
26. Public Art
27. Weddings / Family Reunions
28. Disc Golf
29. Carousel
30. Gift Shops / Gallery / Museum
31. Miniature Golf
32. Security Improvements
LCP is encouraging those that haven’t been able to participate to take the survey at to weigh in on their favorite of three different conceptual park plans. The survey will be live through Sunday, December 15th.
The final step of this process will be for the City Council to vote “YES” on the resolution to adopt the list of programming items that LCP will be presenting to them next Tuesday, December 15th. In order to help support this process, LCP is encouraging the residents of Lafayette to not only contact their Council Members to ask them to vote “YES” on their behalf but also join their fellow citizens at the City Council meeting, December 17th at 5:30 at the City Council Chambers in City Hall (705 W. University, Lafayette, LA 70502).
In order to make this process easy for the citizens of Lafayette, LCP has included the following helpful links:
To find your Council District, please visit:
To find the contact information for your Council Member, please visit:
For directions to City Hall, please click here:
Visit for more information or call EB Brooks at (337)769-4846 if you have any questions!