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Thank You to Our 2021 Members


Alan and Cindy Appley

Alan & Donna Hebert

William & Nancy Crays

Gayle & Brent Milam

Dr. Chase Dronet

David & Anne Calhoun

David & Connie Landgrave

Dorothy Clyne

John & Ann Redd

Katie Ferguson

Ken Kastner

Kenneth Duzan

William & Lauren Poche

Donald & Melissa Ross

Major & Natalie Person

Paul & Carolyn Breaux

Rob & Toni Eddy

Ronald Daigle

Michael & Shira Pfister

Tom & Erin Phelps



Brett & Donna Mellington

Christy Colomb Shaw

David Mercer

Jacob & Eleanor Groth

Dr. Jim & Carol-Ann Piccione

Judy Sturm

Lee Verret

Patrick & Donna McDonald

Paul & Carolyn Hebert

Shawn Hodge

Stephanie Day

Todd Trahan


Andrew & Mitzi Duhon

Denbo & Barbara Montgomery

Bettie Skains Sonnier

Brandon & Joan Wallace

Chelsey & Nick Roberie

Claire Lowry

Claire Tauzin

Donna Fontenot

Donna Hollier

Edith Swiney

Elizabeth & Scott Hamilton

George & Elizabeth Holland

Guy Hokanson

Hal & Chris Butts

Walter & Jean O’Roark

Julaine Gray

Karen Trahan

Glenn & Kelly Courville

Kent & Betsy Pierret

Lynette Fraser

Lynette Mejia

Marlene & Jerome Wenzel

Mary Jane Bauer

Kam & Mazie Movassaghi

Melissa Llewellyn

Michele Zerangue

Myra Tener

Nanette Cook

Phillip & Bernadette Lank

R2 Positive Culture


Aimée Dominique

Bryan Boudreaux

Cherie Hebert

David & Sue Adams

Diane Fontenot

Donna Sanchez

Rickey & Ed Domingues

Steve & Elaine Richard

Gene & Elizabeth Callais

Kim & Elizabeth Nehrbass

Erin Roy

Carol & Frank DeBenedetto

Gayle Smith

Heather Birdsong

Jean & Bill Finley

Jeff & Rhonda Daigle

Ernest & Judy Daniels

Judy David

Julie Lafleur

Kay & Albert Rees

Lauren Bourgeois

Marlene Doucet

Dr. Carolyn Frenett & Michael Huber

Nell Aucoin

Roscoe Trout

Thomas & Rachel Blanchet

Tom & Mary Moran

Raymond & Theresa Beaugh

Paige Chatelain Biggar


Amy Schwarzenbach

Anissa Talley

Anne Keller

C.J. Miller

Carl LeBlanc

Catarina Buettner

Darrel Leger

Eileen Menard Martin

Eric Martin

Jack Turner

Jean King

Jenny Castille

Jody Smyth

JoEllen Coussan

Joey Mouton

Kathleen Knierim

Laura Truxillo

Marie-Dianne Reed

May White

Sid Savoie

Susan Arceneaux

Rev. Dan Latour


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