Community Engagement Will Lead to Master Plan

CLICK TO DOWNLOAD DATES AND TIMES OF COMMUNITY FORUMS January 22, 2014 / News— On December 17th, the City Council unanimously approved the resolution that included the list of programming items that could be included in the park that were deemed most impoimportant by the residents of Lafayette.
Chairman of the Lafayette Central Park Board of Directors, Lenny Lemoine, said “We have been so impressed with the excitement and support within the community for this project, and are eager to see how the master planning team will give the public more opportunities to weigh in on the park’s design.”
Lafayette Central Park Inc.’s (LCP) successful “It’s My Park!” campaign will continue throughout March, April and May with community forums focusing on visual preferences of the park as well as the final public input on the Master Plan.
The first round of forums, in March, will be focused on Character Preference Surveys. Participants will vote on the type of architectural style, landscape style and aesthetic preferences of park elements through image examples. There will be two versions of the Master Plan along with sections to visually depict what the plans could look like. The public will vote on the plan they most prefer and will be asked a series of questions via keypad polling to dial in on specific areas.
The second round of forums, in April and May, will be the culmination of all community input sessions to date, when LCP presents the Master Plan with 3D perspectives and illustrative sections, confirming with the public that this is the direction they would like to see move forward. The public will also be asked to play a money game where they will be directed to prioritize expenditures of park elements.
Elizabeth “EB” Brooks, Director of Planning & Design for LCP, encourages citizens to come out to the next two rounds of public workshops to make their voices heard. “We had a tremendous turn-out in the programming phase, and we’re hoping to see even more people at the upcoming workshops. These public meetings will be focused on the design of the park – finalizing the master plan, helping us determine the best “look and feel” of the landscape and the architecture, and also picking which park elements we build first. It’s a great time to show up and share your vision.”
More information on the times and locations of these events will be shared with the public in the near future. There will also be an online survey following the workshops for those unable to attend in person. For more information on this release, please contact Elizabeth “EB” Brooks at