Three Ways to Love Your Park

Mary Allie Hebert, with Moncus Park, stopped by News15 at Noon to share the details on easy ways you can show your love to Moncus Park. See the interview below.

3 Ways To Love Your Park on Valentine’s Day | Video |

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better way to spread love than by showing some love to our beloved Moncus Park? Here are three ways to “Love Your Park” this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Volunteer: Gift the Gift of Time There’s no greater gift than the gift of time. This Valentine’s Day, consider volunteering at Moncus Park. Whether it’s helping with park maintenance, assisting with events, or participating in park clean-up initiatives, your time and effort make a world of difference. Spend a few hours giving back to the community and nurturing the beauty of Moncus Park! Learn more
  2. Become a Friend of Moncus Park Member Joining as a Friend of Moncus Park member is another fantastic way to show your love and support. By becoming a member, you not only gain access to exclusive events and activities but also contribute directly to the maintenance and enhancement of Moncus Park! Your membership helps ensure that Moncus Park remains a vibrant and welcoming space for all to enjoy! Learn more
  3. Purchase a Brick to Commemorate a Loved One Looking for a meaningful way to honor someone special this Valentine’s Day? Consider purchasing a brick to commemorate a loved one at Moncus Park. Whether it’s to celebrate a milestone, remember a cherished individual, or simply leave a lasting legacy, a personalized brick is a timeless tribute that will become a permanent part of our Park’s landscape. Learn more

This Valentine’s Day, let’s show Moncus Park some love by volunteering, becoming a member, or purchasing a commemorative brick! Together, we can continue to nurture and cherish our Park for generations to come.