Revitalizing Moncus Park’s Entrance on Johnston Street

Entrance Bed Flowers at Moncus Park

A Fresh New Look: Revitalizing Moncus Park’s Entrance on Johnston Street

Early this year, the entrance sign at Johnston Street in Moncus Park was transformed into a vibrant showcase of local flora, thanks to the combined efforts of park staff, volunteers, and a generous grant from Keep Louisiana Beautiful. The project aimed not only to beautify the entrance but also to highlight the sustainability of using native plants in landscaping.

The project kicked off with a well-defined goal: to demonstrate the visual and environmental benefits of native plants. With assistance from local providers such as the Acadiana Native Plant Project and the Urban Naturalist, a diverse selection of native species was carefully chosen. These plants, some sourced directly from the park’s own grounds, were selected for their compatibility with the local environment, ensuring they would thrive and bring the intended aesthetic to life.

By the time spring rolled around, the new landscape beds had become a colorful and lively feature at the park’s Johnston Street entrance. The array of vibrant colors and varied species not only enhanced the visual appeal of the park entrance but also served as a practical demonstration of the benefits of incorporating native vegetation into urban landscapes.

The advantages of using native plants extend beyond their beauty. Adapted to local climate and soil conditions, these plants require less water and maintenance than their non-native counterparts, making them a sustainable choice for landscaping. Moreover, they play a crucial role in supporting local biodiversity by providing habitats for various wildlife species, thus contributing to a healthier ecosystem.

The successful revitalization of the entrance is a testament to the power of community collaboration. The Moncus Park Conservation Club, in particular, played a significant role, with members dedicating time and effort to ensure the landscape beds were beautifully and thoughtfully installed. This project not only enhanced the park’s aesthetics but also reinforced a community-wide commitment to environmental stewardship and beautification.

We invite everyone to visit Moncus Park to see the transformative effects of this project firsthand. The newly landscaped entrance at Johnston Street, with its vibrant blooms and sustainable design, is a clear demonstration of how community efforts can lead to environmental and aesthetic improvements. Visitors are encouraged to draw inspiration from this project and consider how native plants might be incorporated into their own gardens, helping to create sustainable, attractive landscapes that benefit both people and wildlife.

Thank you to Keep Louisiana Beautiful, the Acadiana Native Plant Project, the Urban Naturalist, and all the volunteers who made this project possible. Your efforts have made a lasting impact on our park and community.

To learn more check out our interview by Grounds Director, Mark Hernandez, with News 15’s Taylor Trache:

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