Lafayette Central Park Interviewing Master Planning Teams

Lafayette Central Park, Inc. (LCP), the non-profit charged with overseeing the design, development, operation and maintenance of the Park at the Horse Farm, recently narrowed down submissions to six finalists that are in the running for the Master Planning team job. LCP is in the process of hiring a Master Planning team to assist with outreach and engagement in developing a community-driven vision for the park. Feedback from the process will be utilized to create a cohesive master plan.
LCP received over fifteen submissions from teams led by firms from around the country and state. The Selection Committee consists of several members of the LCP Board of Directors, as well as all members of the Planning, Design and Construction Committee (PDC) which is comprised of experts from a diverse cross-section of experience and expertise including art, architecture, urban design, landscape architecture, engineering and project management. After a rigorous review process the Selection Committee has selected six very capable teams to interview later this week, and anticipates announcing the final selection in the coming weeks once contract negotiations with the final team are complete.
Board Chair Lenny Lemoine said, “Choosing the six finalists was a difficult process as all of the submissions were very competitive. The top teams that we have invited to interview all bring high levels of experience and expertise to the table and I am very pleased with our options. The firms that make up the remaining teams are locally-recognized leaders in their industries paired with nationally, and even internationally, recognized firms who are responsible for phenomenal high profile projects.”
Allyson Pharr, LCP’s Public Relations Committee Chair, said, “We could not be more pleased with the way the process is progressing. Whichever team is ultimately awarded the contract for the park will do a great job reaching out to the people of Lafayette for their feedback. This is a very exciting step towards realizing Lafayette’s vision of a world class central park, and we look forward to announcing the Master Planning team soon along with a schedule of events in which residents will be invited to participate and share their vision for the Park at the Horse Farm.”
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