As Acadiana’s only nonprofit park conservancy, Moncus Park needs a community of supporters for its success. Similar to how thousands of residents came together to save the property, and thousands more came together to help design the park’s visionary master plan, the Park needs that same community of supporters to contribute, to care for, and maintain the property!

The Park’s community-guided Master Plan is funded primarily through major companies, donors, foundations, and the State Capital Outlay Program, which provides a source of funding for public improvement projects. 

The Park’s operations and maintenance is funded through the support of the community, specifically through Park memberships, event revenue, parking fees, permits, and more. 

The Park has received funding for planning, design, construction, and operations from the following sources:

    • Major Gifts
    • Park Campaigns 
    • Events & Programming
    • Investments
    • Friends of the Park Memberships
    • To date, Moncus Park has been awarded $3,750,000 from the State’s Capital Outlay Program to build the restrooms and necessary utility infrastructure for the soon to be Farmer’s Market Pavilion. 
  •  GRANTS: 2% 
    • Various state and federal grant programs have helped to build:
      • Pedestrian and Bike Pathways
      • Landscape Buffers
      • Tourism 
      • Prairie Restoration

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