Frequently Asked Questions

Is the park open?

Public access to the park will be limited to certain areas until further notice, due to construction activities and limited operational capacity. The 6-acre area within the chain-link fence near the existing red barn (where the Farmer’s Market takes place) is the only area still open to the public, from sunrise to sunset, 7 days a week. There is no public access to park acreage beyond the Coulee Mine until construction activities are completed. We appreciate your patience during this time and look forward to welcoming you into the park soon!

When can I expect Moncus Park to be completed?

The first phase of construction was completed Spring 2020. Phase 2 construction is scheduled to begin soon and will include elements such as an amphitheater, an inclusive playground, a treehouse, an interactive water feature and a Veterans Memorial. More to come on our grand opening plans soon! 

What is the name of the park?
The park has been named Moncus Park in honor of our lead donor, Mr. James Devin Moncus, for his generosity and support of this project.
Who owns the Moncus Park land?
The land was purchased by Lafayette Consolidated Government from University of Louisiana-Lafayette with the intent that it be used as a community park. Lafayette Central Park, Inc., is the non-profit that was formed for the sole purpose of overseeing the design, development, fundraising, construction, operation, and maintenance of the park. After entering into a long-term lease with the City, LCP will take physical control of the property upon groundbreaking.
How can I share my ideas about Moncus Park?

There are many ways you can connect with us. Please visit our Facebook page or email us directly at info@moncuspark.org!

Where can I go for updates about Moncus Park?

You may continue to visit this website and our Facebook page for current information. In addition, you can sign up to receive email alerts.

Who is on the Lafayette Central Park Board?
A list of the Lafayette Central Park Board of Directors can be found here:
Who is funding this first phase of park planning and development? Are my tax dollars being spent?

While tax dollars were spent to purchase the property from the University (ensuring that it would become a public park), no tax dollars will be spent during the planning phase. The Lafayette Public Trust Financing Agency (LPTFA) has generously granted Lafayette Central Park, Inc., the roughly $2.6 million for the “soft costs” of planning and design. LPTFA supports the city and parish of Lafayette through a range of finance-related programs and community involvement efforts. They are dedicated to utilizing the trust’s financial resources in a manner that benefits the people of Lafayette. LPTFA is self-supporting and its operations, programs, and projects are funded solely by self-generated revenues.

Lafayette Central Park aims to raise enough funds to build the various park programs and elements that arose from the community visioning process. LCP also plans to endow a perpetual maintenance fund so that after Moncus Park is constructed, it will be self-sustaining financially.

I worked with 'Save the Horse Farm'. How can I continue to be involved?
The best thing you can do is help us spread the word that Moncus Park’s website is live, and that we will soon be seeking public input. Tell your family and friends to spread the word, and encourage everyone to sign up here for email updates. We will also include information on volunteer opportunities in the near future.
How can I contribute financially to Moncus Park?

From park naming opportunities to donations large and small, every contribution will make a meaningful impact on the park’s future. Visit the donate page here. 

Will there be branded products for sale? I want a Moncus Park t-shirt?
We will at some point make items available to supplement fundraising efforts. Keep in mind that the name of the park may change, so these items will be geared toward promoting fundraising efforts, and may ultimately be collectors’ items!
I really like the Farmers & Artisans Market at Moncus Park. Will that continue to be a part of the park?
The Farmers & Artisans Market is held every Saturday, rain or shine, from 8am until noon. For information regarding this market or becoming a vendor, please visit their website.
I do not see my questions addressed here. How can I get my answer?
We want to hear from you! Whether it is a question or a suggestion, your input is vital to our success. If you have additional questions, please contact us via email at info@moncuspark.org.