One on One with Macey Boyd

Meet Macey Boyd of bFocus Photo + Design.

This Arnaudville, LA native attends Northwestern State University currently pursuing a career in Health and Exercise Science. As she continues to evolve, Macey is the owner of bFocus Photography. Her goal as a photographer is to show the beauty, strength, grace, and enthusiasm of people.

What attracts us about Macey is her unique style of photographing as it symbolizes real life. Her motto, “When life gets blurry, adjust your focus.” Let’s take an in-depth look on how Macey impacts and influences Moncus Park with her work.

What was your initial reaction when you received confirmation to appear in our inaugural blog?
My initial reaction when I received confirmation to appear in the inaugural blog was very excited.  I was shocked and thankful to receive this opportunity.

How did your photography journey begin?
My photography journey began in 2020 unexpectedly. I did not have any intentions or interest in becoming a photographer. The plan was to pursue Physical Therapy school after graduation, however God said otherwise. My first camera was given to me by my big sister, who said that I should try to get into photography and make money while in college. At the time, I didn’t take it seriously and decided not to pursue it. Months later, I was given an opportunity to take some graduation pictures and it turned out to be pretty fun. I actually took the pictures on an iphone because I had no clue how to work my camera nor did I know anything about photography. As the days went by, I realized how much fun I had while taking pictures and decided to look more into photography on YouTube. During this time, we were on lockdown due to the pandemic, so I had plenty of time to research, learn, and practice. There were several times I tried to quit, but God continued to put clients in my path. Every time I doubted, he showed me why this is where I needed to be. I truly believe that photography is my calling from God. I decided to step out on faith and start my own photography business. On October 21, 2021, bFocus Photo + Design became an operating business in the state of Louisiana.

Which photographers influenced you, and how did they influence your thinking, photographing, and career path?
ShotbyErv, D.Jones Visuals, and Tray Cooper are all photographers who influenced me the most in different aspects of photography. Each of these photographers has their own style in the type of photography that they produce. ShotbyErv specializes in indoor photography and retouching. I’ve taken a class with him, and it influenced me to bring out more of the natural state of my clients. I’ve learned that indoor is something that I am interested in doing more. D.Jones does a lot of grad shoots that goes viral for his creativity and off camera flash work. Working with him helped me to start planning and thinking outside of my comfort zone for photoshoots. Tray Cooper is a photographer who I would describe as a visual artist and creative director who works with a team to create some very creative work with models, stylists, and other creatives. He has influenced me to start building my own sets, work on building my portfolio,work with models, and most of all build a team to make it all happen. They are my role models in this industry. Being able to watch them create and produce some of the best work I’ve seen, especially coming out of Louisiana, is what helps me to stay motivated and determined to keep going, creating, and promoting my work.

What technology/software/camera gear do you use to keep focused on what you do best, as you photograph?
I currently have a Sony A73 with a 24-70mm lens. This camera and lens combination has definitely leveled me up this year. I’ve noticed so much improvement from my first camera which was a Sony A3000.

How do you get your photography to say what you want to say without using words?
Photography has the ability to convey emotion which is one of the elements of storytelling. My goal during photoshoots is to capture my clients in a familiar environment. I usually let my clients choose a location that may be significant to them. For example, for grad sessions, a certain building that they may have had classes in, or for couples, their favorite spot, a place that they may have had meaningful events at.  A few other things that help me to get my photography to speak without using words are, anticipating the important moments to capture authentic emotions, focusing on the eyes of my client because eyes will always convey true emotions, and I shoot continuously because it allows me to capture candid moments that I probably wouldn’t catch when directing my clients.

What do you envision when you hear “Landscape View“?
When I hear “Landscape View“, I envision a wider or horizontal shot of a scene, subject, or object. Capturing the image as a whole, like trees, the sky, etc.

What do you look forward to most capturing at Christmas in the Park?
Being able to live in the City of Lights (Natchitoches, LA) for four years, I have grown a stronger love for the Christmas time. The lights, Christmas spirit, and individuals who will be performing are all things that I look forward the most to capture at Christmas in the Park.

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