Moncus Park To Implement Paid Parking Model to Support Park Operations

Moncus Park to implement paid parking model beginning Tuesday, August 16th, to support the Park’s ongoing operations and maintenance.

Moncus Park, a nonprofit organization, is tasked with developing, maintaining, and operating the 100-acre greenspace formerly known as the “Horse Farm.” The Park operates independently from the Lafayette Consolidated Government’s Parks and Recreation Department and receives no city or parish funding for ongoing maintenance costs. Moncus Park is solely responsible for the care of the property, including all expenses such as utilities, trash pickup, security, landscaping, staffing, and more, making paid parking as well as other revenue streams essential.

General admission to the Park remains free. Visitors who bike or walk can enter Moncus Park at no charge. Park staff will continue to work with the city to increase safe accessibility for pedestrians and bikers in our community. Volunteers, programming partners, or those visiting at the request of Moncus Park will receive validated complimentary parking at the time of the scheduled appointment. Special Event parking rates will vary and be announced in advance.
Friends of Moncus Park, the Park’s annual membership program, receive special parking discounts. Members at the $100 level and above receive the first hour free for every visit. Members starting at the $1,000 level receive an annual parking pass. All current Park members at every level will receive parking benefits until their time of renewal.

Parking details are as follows:
• RATE PER HOUR – $2.00
• Sales tax included in all parking rates.

“As a community-supported Park, every dollar makes a difference when you’re caring for a property of this size,” said JP MacFadyen, executive director of Moncus Park. “Our intent is to have a paid parking plan that serves our community. With the ability to enjoy all of our features for free, we are confident that this is the right direction.”


About Moncus Park

Moncus Park is a supporter-funded nonprofit dedicated to developing and maintaining these 100-acres of greenspace, showcasing the cultures and talents of Acadiana, uniting communities through celebrations, and creating traditions together. Moncus Park does not receive local tax dollars for maintenance or operations, nor is it included in Lafayette Consolidated Government’s annual budget. This nonprofit park conservancy model is the first in Acadiana and a growing trend across the country. Learn more by visiting