Local Girl Scout spearheads inclusion with new communication board at Moncus Park

Lafayette, LA – In a powerful display of community service and leadership, a Junior Level Girl Scout named Luna has made significant strides in fostering inclusivity in Moncus Park by fundraising for the installation of an innovative Playground Communication Board. This board represents a vital step forward, making the Park a welcoming environment for all children, especially those facing challenges in verbal communication.

Designed to support children with diverse communication needs, this Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) and Inclusive Design Communication board is an essential tool facilitating communication for individuals with communication difficulties or disabilities while they are on a playground or outdoor recreational area. It enables all children, especially those who face challenges with verbal communication, to interact and express themselves freely. As such, Moncus Park’s latest addition stands as a symbol of our commitment to ensuring that no child is excluded, fostering an environment where every child can play and communicate effectively.

The success of this project is largely due to the extraordinary efforts of Luna, who recognized the urgent need for this resource and took decisive action. Her dedication showcases the profound impact Girl Scouts have on their communities through service.

The overwhelming support from the community and businesses was instrumental in bringing this project to life. Special thanks to our generous donors: the Pinhook Foundation, Inc., Manuel Commercial, ULL National Student Speech Language and Hearing Association, Speak & The Sensory Experience, Ragin Hospitality Student Association, Southern Speech, We Play Therapeutic Play Center, Girl Scout Troop 1174, and key community supporters including Lisa & Harry Bowles, Katherine Hays, Chryl Clothier, Stephanie Choate, Chad & Brandy Mathews, Jim & Libby Sonnier, Graham McQuitty, Sheila Kidder, Dana Ardoin, and Dr. Lise Anne Slatten, whose support made this project possible.

This initiative highlights the importance of inclusivity in public spaces and the powerful role communities and businesses play in achieving it. Together, let’s continue this momentum, advancing towards a future where inclusivity is not just an aspiration but a reality for everyone in Acadiana.


About Moncus Park

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