Mar 12 2024


5:30 pm - 6:30 pm

Garden Talks with Master Gardeners

Learn from a Master Gardener about all things plants in their monthly “Garden Talks” series!

  • March 12: Square Foot Gardening by Theresa Guidry Discover the efficient and productive world of Square Foot Gardening with Theresa Guidry. This talk will introduce attendees to a method that maximizes garden yield in minimal space, perfect for those with limited outdoor areas or anyone interested in innovative gardening techniques.
  • April 16: Medicinal Gardening by MaryAnn Armbruster, PhD Join Dr. MaryAnn Armbruster for an enlightening session on Medicinal Gardening. Learn how to grow and use plants with healing properties in your own backyard, and gain insights into the fascinating intersection of botany and health.
  • May 21: Heat-tolerant Miniature Orchid Species by Nancy Anne Rowe Explore the vibrant world of heat-tolerant miniature orchids with Nancy Anne Rowe. This talk will showcase the beauty and diversity of these resilient orchid species, offering tips on care and cultivation in warmer climates.

Location: Blakewood Oaks

Map of Moncus Park