b1BANK Fuels Local Economy with Investment in Moncus Park’s New Development

Lafayette, LA – May 8, 2024 – b1BANK has announced a substantial investment in Moncus Park, launching the b1BANK Backyard—a transformative project poised to enhance local economic and community life. Set to become a vibrant center where commerce, culture, and nature merge, this initiative will rise behind the Paul A. Doerle Farmer’s Market Pavilion, which is currently under construction.

Nestled in the heart of Lafayette, the b1BANK Backyard aims to revitalize the park’s historic grove of live oak trees. These trees have long adorned the Lafayette Farmers and Artisans Market, offering a scenic backdrop to the bustling community activity. The project, in collaboration with LAND Architecture, features a sophisticated European bosque design—a strategic grid of trees designed to boost ecological health and public utility, marking a key investment in the community’s future economic and cultural hub.

The b1BANK Backyard is envisioned as a dynamic enclave for economic activity, cultural exchange, and natural beauty. It promises to be both a tranquil retreat from urban life and a catalyst for economic growth, supporting local artisans, farmers, and small businesses. The project’s thoughtful layout and enhanced facilities are expected to draw more visitors and host more events, significantly boosting opportunities for local vendors and service providers.

“Moncus Park is unique in its ability to support economic development while providing a sustainable setting for the Acadiana culture to thrive,” said EVP, Chief Administrative Officer, Jerry Vascocu. “The unveiling of the b1BANK Backyard is symbolic of the partnerships we have established across the Acadiana community and our commitment to future generations.”

Further emphasizing sustainability, the project incorporates a subsurface stormwater detention system to improve water quality and manage runoff, crucial in urban environments. The strategically placed trees will create natural cooling zones, mitigating the urban heat island effect and enhancing the area for social and business engagements.

JP MacFadyen, Executive Director of Moncus Park, expressed his gratitude: “We’re incredibly grateful to b1BANK for their substantial support, enabling the creation of the b1BANK Backyard. This initiative perfectly blends commerce, culture, and nature, revitalizing this historic site into a thriving center for economic and cultural activity. It’s a prime example of how effective partnerships can transform visionary ideas into realities that benefit both our community and environment. We’re excited about the positive impacts this project will have on Lafayette and the broader Acadiana region.”

Scheduled for completion in 2025, the b1BANK Backyard will serve as a multifunctional space for community events, recreational activities, and personal reflection, aligning with b1BANK’s commitment to enhancing small businesses and community life.


 About Moncus Park

Moncus Park cultivates connections to enrich lives and strengthen community through nature. Guided by this mission, the Park is committed to sustainability efforts and provides activities and events for the community. The nonprofit park conservancy is solely responsible for the operations and maintenance of 100-acres of greenspace in the heart of Acadiana, with its annual operating budget primarily derived from fundraising and self-generated activities. This unique nonprofit park conservancy model, the first of its kind in Acadiana, is a growing trend nationwide. To learn more about Moncus Park’s mission and contribute to its impactful journey, please visit

About  b1BANK

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