Nov 19 2023


8:00 am - 10:00 am

Cajun Strong

Cajun Strong is a strength and endurance event that will test your mental toughness and physical condition. It is designed especially for those looking for a motivator to get back in shape or even get in shape for the first time but also offers a challenge for the elite athlete. The 10-week training program is scaled to fit all conditions, from the slow walker to the CrossFit athlete.

The event consists of 4 actions, which comprise 1 round. To be “Cajun Strong” one must complete ten rounds in 120 Minutes.

1. Rougarou Run – Quarter mile run.

2. Poboy Pushups – 20 Pushups.

3. Climb de Coush Coush – 5 hill climbs on Orlando Mountain.

4. Pirogue Pull – Standing still, pull a miniature pirogue filled with concrete 30 feet.

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