Moncus Park’s purpose is to enhance and preserve the Park as a vital greenspace, cultural, and recreational resource that enriches the quality of life for all of Acadiana. And we can’t do it without you! As a nonprofit Park conservancy, Moncus Park receives no city or parish tax dollars, and we rely on community support to fund 100% of the Park’s gardens, operations, and maintenance! 

Why Become a Friend of Moncus Park?
  1. Enjoy Exclusive Benefits: As a park member, you can enjoy exclusive benefits that are fun for the whole family! Benefits may include access to member-only events, discounts on ticketed events, parking discounts, and more!

  2. Help Preserve the Park: Your membership fees directly fund the operations and maintenance of the Park! By becoming a member, you are helping to ensure that the park remains a beautiful and well-maintained place for everyone to enjoy.

  3. Support Local Community: Parks are important community assets that provide a space for people to come together and enjoy nature. By becoming a member, you are supporting your local community and helping to ensure that the park remains a valuable resource for generations to come.  

Every membership level is tax deductible.



Benefits Include:

Access to Member-Exclusive Events & Experiences
Member Recognition on the Moncus Park Website
Moncus Park Sticker Pack


Benefits Include:

Access to Member-Exclusive Events & Experiences
Member Recognition on the Moncus Park Website
Moncus Park Sticker Pack
First Hour FREE for Parking
10% Off Moncus Park Merch (Online Only)


Benefits Include:

Access to Member-Exclusive Events & Experiences
Member Recognition on the Moncus Park Website
Moncus Park Sticker Pack
First Hour FREE for Parking
10% Off Moncus Park Merch (Online Only)
15% Off One Annual Event Rental


Benefits Include:

Access to Member-Exclusive Events & Experiences
Member Recognition on the Moncus Park Website
Moncus Park Sticker Pack
First Hour FREE for Parking
10% Off Moncus Park Merch (Online Only)
15% Off One Annual Event Rental
VIP Access at Moncus Park Signature Events


Benefits Include:

Access to Member-Exclusive Events & Experiences
Member Recognition on the Moncus Park Website
Moncus Park Sticker Pack
10% Off Moncus Park Merch (Online Only)
15% Off One Annual Event Rental
VIP Access at Moncus Park Signature Events
Annual Parking Pass 

Memberships are non-refundable. Memberships will automatically renew a year from your register date. Emails will be sent a month prior to your renewal date to serve as a reminder if you need to cancel or wish to upgrade your membership! Please note parking perks will not be valid during special events where the parking lot is being used.


CycleBar X Moncus Park

Exclusive Tour of Phase 2

Thank You 2023 Members

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