The Moncus Park Exclusive Vendors List includes companies that have the industry exclusivity to provide services on park grounds. Host(s) are limited to choices from the list in their category. 


Permits are not required for commercial filming and photography in the Park. All Permitted Photographers will receive one business credential as a visual representation for their permit. A rental fee is required if the filming or photography will restrict any area of the Park or will use equipment more extensive than a single tripod. To inquire about our photography rentals and events, please reach out to our events team at

As a public park, we reserve the right to use photography of any individual in our promotional materials displayed in print or on the internet. 

The Moncus Park Permitted Photographers List includes photographers that have registered and received a permit from Moncus Park to provide services on park grounds. Host(s) are not limited to choices from the list.

Angelina Wagnon Photography

(337) 356-2200

Suzani Marques Photography

(281) 513-1908

Lindsey Romero Media

(337) 446-1208

Bee & Bear Photography

(337) 577-7929

Evermore Stories, LLC

(337) 254-4755

Valen Jeree Media LLC

(337) 344-2388

Dubois Images Photography

(337) 288-6700

RhondaCHebert Photography

(337) 298-9259

Trahan Studio Photography

(337) 280-3235

Janeene deClouet Photography

(337) 216-2074

E. Boyd Productions

(337) 692-3230

Katie Hoffpauir Photography

(337) 781.0292

Megan Satterfield Photography

(337) 578-5331

Hillary Mouton Photography


Erin Breaux

(337) 962-8116

Robby Bishop Photography

(337) 296-7484