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VOLUNTEER with Moncus Park

Volunteers are crucial to maintaining and improving the health of Moncus Park.

Each year Moncus Park sees nearly 1,000 volunteers work hard to keep our landscapes thriving. With nearly 100 acres to take care of, there’s a lot to do! 

Together we can continue to properly care for this Park, which means so much to so many.




Volunteers are needed to keep the Park looking clean and beautiful. These are just a few of the activities volunteers perform in the Park:

  • Weeding and mulching plant beds
  • Planting and watering trees
  • Removing invasive plants
  • Taking out trash
  • Litter Abatement
  • Planting new landscapes

 Adopt A Bed

 Adopt A Bed is an opportunity for friends and service organizations to help maintain and beautify various garden beds in the Park. We are home to thousands of plant species and need all the help we can get to help our landscapes thrive! Volunteers are expected to come out weekly to weed, replenish, and care for their dedicated garden bed. Park adopters can be groups of individuals, neighborhood associations, community organizations, school clubs, or local businesses.  


Interested in lending a hand at Moncus Park? We’d love your help!

Moncus Park counts on volunteer support at its events throughout the year. Major events require many hands to achieve success! To pull off each of these events, Moncus Park counts on volunteers to help with preparation, event check-in, and post-event clean up.

For other volunteer opportunities including Corporate Engagement or special projects, please contact Nicholas Moss at

Interested in becoming a Moncus Park volunteer? Whether you would like to be out in the Park, provide event support, or assist the staff in the office, there are innumerable volunteer opportunities in Moncus Park.

To become a Moncus Park volunteer, begin by completing a volunteer interest form below.


Through corporate and community partnerships, Moncus Park is able to nurture and facilitate positive experiences for the community by providing quality facilities, services, and programs.


Corporate engagement can be defined as workplace-based partnerships where employers provide support or encouragement to facilitate volunteering efforts or other involvement opportunities with local organizations.


In-kind giving is the donation of tangible goods or services, such as park equipment, supplies, and/or professional expertise. Goods may also be intangible, such as advertising, patents, royalties, and copyrights.


Community Programming is an excellent way to reinforce the interconnection between community members. Programming at Moncus Park will be geared towards diverse audiences of all ages and will focus on health and wellness, arts and culture, and environmental education.

Stay Connected to find out more about opportunities and events.


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