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Elizabeth "EB" Brooks

Message From the Founder

In the coming years, Moncus Park will fill the hearts of our residents and visitors with inspiration and joy. It will soon be held on the same level as Central Park in New York City, Audubon Park in New Orleans, and Memorial Park in Houston.

We are embarking on one of the largest projects in Lafayette’s history, and we’re grateful that you are a part of it. Moncus Park will bring many opportunities for unique experiences into one location in the heart of Acadiana. Already, the park is a favorite gathering spot for many different users for many different reasons. Children climb the low-hanging branches of the live oak trees. Dog owners religiously bring their furry friends every day after work. Shoppers and chefs frequent the weekly Farmers Market. High-schoolers and college students hang hammocks as a healthier, more social alternative to playing video games or watching television. Neighbors and friends walk, run, or bike loops around the perimeter. And in the most romantic of settings, couples propose and get married here.

We want Moncus Park to continue to serve our community in these ways and many more. While trends come and go, park landscapes only grow to be more beautiful with age, as trees reach higher to fill the sky, and garden blooms grow to be more spectacular. Whether seeking out a place for rest and relaxation, a place to attend dynamic and exciting community event, or a place to make new memories with your families, parks are central to our lives.

The Lafayette Central Park office overlooks the property, with a bird’s-eye view of the many ways people are enjoying the park throughout the day, and across the seasons. I welcome you to schedule a visit one day soon to see the spectacular view and what’s in store for the future.

Elizabeth “EB” Brooks


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